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Jan 8, 2010 6:00pm EST
journalists in washington to discuss politics and to ridicule might flambe efforts. we will be right back. >> "white house chronicle" is produced in collaboration with whut, howard university television. and now, the program host, national syndicated columnist, llewellyn king, and co-host, linda gasparello. >> hello again, and thank you so much for coming along. everything haseen removed but i am here with the four brilliant people. linda laughing. i can cook. >> i am laughing through the running mascara. >> joe mathieu, of sirius xm radio. politics of the united states for people of the united states. extraordinary interesting political program. three hours a day. i am happy to say that until this point in time i have been included on fridays. one of my journalistic heroes, j.j. green, who is the national security correspondent of all news radio here in washington, wtop. i want to tell you you do a superb job. >> thank you, and so do you. >> you are very nice. but this is not about that. but you have been to afghanistan and i thought your coverage was extraordinary. i really mean that. b
Jan 1, 2010 6:00pm EST
was pleased that very recently i met with two african women here in washington who came to receive a prize for their work. i asked them what they thought about the opposition movement in zimbabwe, and they said that is going to be about arguing about who gets to get driven around in a mercedes. we need to give people seeds, and we need to stop the violence against women, domestically and politically. we have not got time for politics like that. oddly, of all of the things they want to do to help -- and they have a web site, woza, where you can see what they are doing, helping women at t ground level, not looking for money and not looking for political office. it is very encouraging. i wish when i were a young man and was working in these movements that i had realized that we were overlooking the vast talent of africa's women. we are going to talk about history on our program today. it was one of the most interesting men writing about history. his name is robert merry, and he has written a marvelous book on president polk. we will be right back with a very wide ranging discussion, bringing
Jan 17, 2010 6:30pm EST
he was shot outside the hilton hotel in washington, there was a very bad time in his presidency. howard baker came in as the chief of staff. things got better again. how bad was it in that time of the decision when there appears to have been nothing but in fighting in the administration? >> i can tell you that he was closer to death than people realize. this devastating blow with 1 inch from his heart. he lost a substantial amount of blood. -- this devastating bullet was 1 inch from his heart. he lost a substantial amount of blood. he was closer to death than people realized at the time. but this is your second book on reagan. >> the first one was called "reagan's revolution." that is where he begins the process of remaking the possiblrepublican party. i have always loved history. i majored in history in college. i have written many articles on history over the years. i have spent my entire life writing for other people. i decided i wanted to start writing for myself. i was able to get a book contract for my first book. that got good reviews. it was a bestseller. it led to this
Jan 10, 2010 9:00am EST
is the facthat we have so mandemands on ourime. when you pic up your paper whether it is "the washington post" or"the new york times," you coulbe sure that whatou read would ge you a great picture of at was going on in washington, at wasoing on around the world. the dend that it made on your time w so much less than the demand on your time now, with this very fragmented wayople are gettingheir news, people are getting the entertainment. > you check thenternet, you check this, youheck that >> exactly. you have to go to so many sources, this gigantic menu of plac where you can pick your news, pi your enttainment selections. it is too much work to do whaa paperid in a very compressed way. >> this is going to sound like heresy, but i am going to put this out as an argument. could it be argued that at is really th more democratic way to do it,he more egalitari y to do it? to l people decide what it is they are interested in, as opposed to some elitis who say from their offishat peoplehould know this and have no need to know this? >> with your argument - ahmad >> iis not my argument, it is ju -- >> in
Jan 22, 2010 6:00pm EST
and broadcaster here in washington. this program can be seen, heard, the audio can be heard on channels 110 and 130 on sirius xm radio every saturday, and most fridays a guest on po1:00 33:00 on fridays. you are sort of preoccupied, linda, with what is going on here. what is going on in the world? we have two preoccupations -- in haiti, the terrible mess. but we still have the ongoing problems in iraq, iran, afghanistan. >> talk about disarray among the democrats, disarray in the world. we have disarray right now in the middle east with the palestinians and the israelis. there is a breach there. there is a chasm that i think came up because of president of loss of the palestinian authority -- because president abbas does not want to go back to the negotiating table because he believes we betrayed the palestinians by saying there should be a period of time where the israelis are allowed to build. >> build settlements, particularly in the east, jerusalem, which is incredibly -- but is it not a fact, talking about the president being feared and being able to punish -- he the israelis, and that
Jan 29, 2010 6:00pm EST
thoughts of my own. i'm a party animal -- whether these two things in common? it is here in washington we tend to be a horizontal place. we know all of the people who do what we do -- journalist no journalists, lawyers no lawyers, bureaucrats know bureaucrats but very seldom vertical. is there any mixing of these? in new york -- or doubling or any other cities, it is more vertical. when i go to a party easily i know the people, they are involved in politics and journalism. if i go to a party in new york, someone may be a stage hand, someone a nurse, someone from wall street. it is vertical. a different kind of social structure. is this important? in one way because of the horizontal, this defect, causes us to talk to each other and to build up our own opinions by like mindedness. i have found some of the most interesting places in the world to go to a party is dublin because people are enormously well read and you can talk to anybody about anything. i remember one party where we were discussing books and the person with the most opinions and one of the best read it persons was a bus drive
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9 (some duplicates have been removed)